Business is No Business Without A Phone System

There is a saying that what you pay is what you get, and this holds true in choosing a phone system for your business. You put all your effort in starting and making your business grow, and it is should be equally true to get the best system for your phone so you won't have problems in the future. Read more great facts on Grandstream UAE , click here.

For now, you have a growing company and you pay very little for your phone calls through a service that is free. On the other hand, what about if your business is getting bigger? It is now a choice if you want your consumers to see your business as a one man job. If your answer is on, then you should consider upgrading your phone system into a professional one. If you want to set up a professional phone system, there are several inexpensive VoIP hosted PBX options in the market that can set up your system, and with this you have ensured your growing business.

VoIP hosted PBX system has many advantages over a free phone system, and these are call queues, call reporting, call recording, and transcribed voicemails. If you want to have a real business, a free phone system is not advisable even with its features. For more useful reference regarding Voip Phones , have a peek here.

There are many features that a VoIP hosted PBX phone system has against a free phone system.

A professional phone system has many features that a free phone system does not have, like admin login, has separate user logins, has call reporting, has call queues, has unlimited phone numbers, has toll free numbers, has logs for different numbers, has e911, has dial by name directory, has web faxing, has music on hold, etc, etc.

A professional phone system is based on SIP or Session Internet Protocol) and thus has plenty of features, compared to a free phone system that has none. Know that a system that uses SIP has more features than an old phone system. Utilization of many programs is possible through the SIP features in a professional phone system. For VoIP providers, SIP has a programming language called asterisk that constantly release new features. Being an open software, asterisk can be used for free.

Free services on a soft phone can be used in a professional phone service. Soft phones are software programs that enable users to make and receive calls using the internet because it runs on a computer. Skype is an example of a soft phone. These soft phones are what businesses for call centers use to take the place of a normal company phone.

Another advantage of a professional phone system is the HD voice which is not available in a free phone system. It would feel as if the person you are talking to is beside you with a crisp and clear voice call sound because of this HD feature.

Other advantages of a professional phone system over a free phone system are it can assure privacy of your calls, it offers phone support, and definitely looks professional.